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  • #3 Erik Malm on Meeting place, I got time and Ikigai
    In conversation with Eric Malm where he talks about living honourably and to find work where you live by your own terms. It's about being of service to the community, not just ourselves. If you would like to watch the highlights video: For more info:  
    Monu Singh
  • #2 Gone-The Climate Song
    Just like the climate, conversations also evolve. Here's the making of a song written as a reflection during research into climate change after an interview for my first podcast with Kevin Anderson, a climate expert. This is an experimental episode so I'm not sure if I do more of these but just following my heart […]
    Monu Singh
  • #1 Kevin Anderson on Air Travel, IPCC and more
    Aviation is one of the fastest if not the fastest growing industries in some countries in the world today. I speak to Kevin Anderson , our first guest on this podcast. He is not just an expert on climate change but also someone who practices what he preaches. The last time he travelled by air […]
    Monu Singh
  • Sustainable Narratives
    Heres is a podcast where we engage in the landscape of sustainable narratives more explicitly. It’s authentic talk on a subject that perhaps needs a facelift. Your host Monu Singh is on a quest to speak to people from the heart and open up the subject as we can all re-author our lives.
    Monu Singh



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