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  • #2 Gone-The Climate Song
    Just like the climate, conversations also evolve. Here's the making of a song written as a reflection during research into climate change after an interview for my first podcast with Kevin Anderson, a climate expert. This is an experimental episode so I'm not sure if I do more of these but just following my heart […]
    Monu Singh
  • #1 Kevin Anderson on Air Travel and unsustainable lifestyles
    Aviation is one of the fastest if not the fastest growing industries in some countries in the world today. I speak to Kevin Anderson , our first guest on this podcast. He is not just an expert on climate change but also someone who practices what he preaches. The last time he travelled by air […]
    Monu Singh
  • Sustainable Narratives
    Heres is a podcast where we engage in the landscape of sustainable narratives more explicitly. It’s authentic talk on a subject that perhaps needs a facelift. Your host Monu Singh is on a quest to speak to people from the heart and open up the subject as we can all re-author our lives.
    Monu Singh



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