Our Story

For a few years our focus lay heavily on product design particularly focused on projects in Dubai but we slowly and steadily built our transition into sustainable education and have this year entered the Swedish Market.

Our backgrounds in both these industries have given birth to 'Save this place' where we aim to become a catalytic hub for sustainability. Along with a highly energetic and creative team, we are working with startups in

- identifying shortcomings that could otherwise slip under the radar

- creating brand images that are true to themselves


The way we try

To put it simply, we have an organic process for this which is a combination of -design development and best practices infusions.

Our skills allow us to mindfully create for you every from a Logo to a full length Video / Audio advertisement. In the context of sustainability, our service is quite intensive and involves endless hours on research into compliance and strategic forecasting that we do for our clients. From a Mandate perspective, the governments are slowly but surely going to enforce these guidelines which are quite honestly healthy for the operations of any business in todays world. Thus it is best to align your organisation with these standards right from the beginning.


Meet the inspirers

We like music and keeping information light on the stomach.

Sarvjit Singh

Creative Founder 

A free-spirited artist,

professionally occupied in design and sustainability,

when truly inspired loves to dwell in songwriting ,

living an indefinite dream to create waves

in a transmuting industry.


Head of tech 

The tech is what runs this game.

A visionary that loves to work in isolation.

A socialite nevertheless, but when it comes to work, he stays focused.

And we love that, cause the end product is always, Mind-blowing.


Client relations

The world is your oyster.

She's has a skill to seamlessly bind things together, without anyone noticing.

Everything from relationships, ideas, nutrition and music.

Next Steps...

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