About Us

The story

Short version ofcourse, after finishing studies in Design from Toronto, and a rather long journey developing products and wood construction in Interiors in Dubai, i relocated to Sweden and dived back into academia to hone some more of that sustainable design thinking. After a conceptual rethink about reprioritisation in the world today, Save This Place was established in Sweden


Business Model

We are currently looking for environmentally conscious projects as priority , and any forward thinking business idea that can transition a developing landscape within the 17 Sustainable Developmental goals listed by the UN.

Your brand or service or product that it would like to express creatively through visual marketing. We like to carve and redesign identities to better communicate story telling.
Let your ideas be heard. We help prepare for an open-minded conversation and formulate your ideas through a well-articulated podcast.
f you or your business is truly aligned with any of the 17 sustainable goals, we are developing an inventory that you can join and be part of the global network of sustainability


- Identifying shortcomings in green brands, services and initiatives.

- Creative ideation in research and representation of sustainability communication and consultancy.

- Visual storytelling through an authentic mindset.



The Philosophy

Keep it simple. Keep the process organic and lastly, keep it honest. In practice, i combine design development with best sustainable practice and research that is within my capacity. This allows us to embark mindful and worthwhile journeys with the people i engage with.




More often than not, i like to work with small scale organisations and businesses. My work culture is super easygoing. I typically know how I can work around a project over a casual pre-meeting. Been a composer and songwriter for 2 decades, which means I am very selective with Audio and have some capacity to create original content whenever I am inspired. And like any other content developer, I am constantly trying out different pieces of hardware, mics, cameras, accessories instruments and accessories that make it possible to carry out a decent project. Most recent has been a Phantom3 drone which is perfect for capturing aerial landscapes. The software that are ritually open on my laptop are Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and most Adobe photoshop.



Meet the inspirers

We like music and keeping information light on the stomach.

Sarvjit Singh


Free-spirited, curious , artistic (under controlled circumstances)


love exploring visual story telling

When I'm not researching, i'm dwelling in songwriting.

Link to music





Shy, motivated, organised and loves a great meal.

Her motto is

"Food is your way into love".

More than a partner, her expertise lie in piecing together the background of a project.

She stays focused on

quality check, ideation and keen on the production side of things.

Next Steps...

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