Our Story

Walking around with an armoured front, you become invisible to the world. With extensive projects in product design succesfully completed in Dubai and a slow transition back into sustainable education and more recently an endeavour to take social-entrepreneurship to a commercially viable model, Save This Place was created in 2018. It has entered the Swedish market to place itself as a catalytic hub for sustainability in this region.

Along with a highly energetic and a mindfully creative team, we are working with small-to-medium scale projects. Our two most ambitious project is in the trailability phase are :-

  1. Reaching out to local municipalities in creating a sustainability archive which includes visual galleries and a well distinguished industry database.
  2. A Futuristic facility in Vaxjo for collaborative multidisciplinary engagement between students, industry and civil society.



The way we try

To put it simply, we have an organic process and try to keep things honest and simple. In practice, we combine design development with best sustainable practices. This allows us to embark mindful and worthwhile journeys with the people we engage with.

Ours goals:

- identifying shortcomings in brand communication, creative ideation and sustainability consultancy.

- Visual storytelling through an authentic mindset.

During this process we end up with everything in between from creating a Logo to a full length Video / Audio advertisement. In the context of sustainability, our service is quite intensive and involves endless hours on research. From a mandate perspective, the governments are slowly but surely going to enforce these guidelines which can only be benifitial for the operation of any business or idea. Thus, we do our best to align your organisation with these standards right from the beginning.


Meet the inspirers

We like music and keeping information light on the stomach.

Sarvjit Singh

Creative Founder 

A free-spirited artist,

professionally occupied in design and sustainability research ,

audio-visual production


when truly inspired, loves to dwell in songwriting.

" Live, like it is an indefinite dream "

Link to music




Head of tech 

A tech partner based our of Dubai whose expertise have taken him from a basement startup to working with some of the biggest retail company company. Not to mention being selected for the Kan film festival in 2016.

Tomas is a visionary and like most of them, works best in isolation.

"The space between us, makes all the difference", he says.


Client relations

Her motto "The world is your oyster".

A backbone to this organisation.

And when she's not piecing together a project, she is busy with nutrition, and sound production.

Next Steps...

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